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Chelmsford is located within the Greater Lowell area of Massachusetts and was incorporated as a town in 1655. It is situated 24 miles northwest of the city of Boston and is bordered by both the Merrimack River and the Concord River. In the year 2011, Chelmsford ranked on Money magazine’s “Best Places to Live in the United States” in the 28th spot. Recent census data puts the population at roughly 34,000 inhabitants, with about 12,800 households in the area. The residents of Chelmsford, MA, require an appliance repair service that can get the work done fast, and G&G Appliance Service is here to help!

If your clothes dryer is acting up, we can help get it back on track. You can’t exactly go to work in wet clothes, now can you? Same thing goes for your dish washer. Throwing wet dishes into your dishwasher is much more convenient than washing everything by hand, so call us if your dishwasher decides it’s time to revolt. Chelmsford, MA, residents can rely on the professionals at G&G Appliance Service to speedily repair their broken home appliances. To inquire further or book an appointment, please call us at (800) 894-6447!

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