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Caloric AppliAnce REPAIRs

Caloric Corporation began in 1890 and was originally called the Klein Stove Company. In 1903, the Caloric brand was introduced and has stood firm even though it has been bought and sold by various companies over the years. Today, it is owned by Maytag (now part of Whirlpool) but the name is still prominent in the world of appliances. One of the unique features that separated Caloric from other companies was its gas stoves. In 1960 the company introduced the infrared burner, which cooked through radiant heat.

After other companies caught onto what Caloric Corporation was doing, sales began to take a turn and it was not thought of as the marquee name for stove appliances. In 2012 it had a revitalization due in part to JMM Lee Properties, who announcing the company was coming out with a stainless steal line of ovens and ranges.

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