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How Does Your Refrigerator Work?

Did you know that the average person opens the fridge 15-20 times a day? It may not seem like that many but if you live a house with your family, let’s use a family of four for this example, then your fridge is being opened anywhere from 60-80 times per day! Your refrigerator is an essential part of your home and kitchen. It keeps your drink color and your food fresh, but have you ever thought about what makes your fridge work? Let’s take a dive into how your refrigerator works and its key components.

Refrigerator Components

There are five basic elements that make up the cycle of how your fridge cools down and stays cool. There is the fluid refrigerant, a compressor which helps control the flow of fluid refrigerant, condenser coils which usually appear on the outer layer of the backside of the fridge, and an expansion device. Together, they form a flow of cold air that helps it cool down after it is opened and shut and stay cool after it stays shut.

The Refrigerator Cycle

1. The compressor raises the air pressure within the fridge by constricting the refrigerator vapor and pushing it into the coils on the outside.
2. The same hot gas from that was just condensed is met by the cooler air temperature of the kitchen, thus turning it into liquid form.
3. The liquid, which is still at a high pressure, beings to cool down as it makes its way from the outer coils to the inner coils which are found inside the freezer and fridge.
4. Meanwhile, the refrigerant absorbs the heat from inside the fridge causing it to cool down.
5. Lastly, the refrigerant evaporates to a gas form and the process is done repeatedly until it reaches and maintains your set temperature.

Understanding Your Refrigerator

Understanding how your refrigerator operates is helpful in determining when problems arise. Simply knowing what the different parts are and their purpose can help you save a lot of money when small problems occur.

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