Electric and Gas Stoves: Which One Should You Buy?

So, you are thinking about buying a new stove? That 20th century stove top just isn’t getting the job done anymore. You are read to break the bank and start cooking in style but aren’t exactly sure how. A common question many perspective buyers may ask themselves is if they want to buy a gas or electric stove? Let’s take a look at what separates the two and which would be perfect for cooking up your next meal.

Electric Stove Pros

One of the major benefits to electric stove tops is their easy-going nature. They keep your house cool while cooking which is great during the summer time and the maintenance is simple because of the uniform top, allowing for it to be quickly wiped down. They also have more consistency with temperature. There is no need to worry about your gas running out or how well your gas lines are working. All you have to worry about is keeping an eye on your food so it doesn’t burn! (unless you like it that way)

Electric Stove Cons

Having an electric stove isn’t a stroll through the park. Although they do offer some advantages, there are also some major drawbacks including cost. That new brand-new sleek design that matches your granite counter-top isn’t going to be cheap and can be a real deal breaker when deciding. On top of that, depending on the make and model, it can have an impact on your electric bill. It is called an electric stove for a reason so be weary of how much electricity it uses.

Because your electric stove is linked to your electricity, people in areas where power outages happen often may want to be hesitant. Once your power goes out, you can say goodbye to using your oven as well.

Gas Stove Pros

Gas stoves have been around for years and have some clear advantages over that of an electric stove. For starters, its fueled by propane or natural gas which is cheaper than electricity and can save you money depending on how much you use your stove. Some proponents also believe that gas stoves are simpler. The second you turn it on you can hear the flame, so it is easy to tell if it is on or off as well as control the heat due to the ability to see the flame.

Gas stoves are known for being more resilient as well. Electric stoves can become cracked and damaged easily if pots, pans, etc. are dropped on them and can require a hefty price to get them fixed. Gas stoves rarely need to be fixed up, just cleaned regularly to ensure full capacity usage.

Gas Stove Cons

Speaking of cleaning, gas stoves can be a real pain in the butt to clean. If cleaning isn’t one of your forte’s then a gas stove may not be for you as you normally must take apart the components of the stove top in order to thoroughly clean it.

Remember the old saying “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”; Well that directly applies to gas stoves because they are known to give off quite a bit of heat, especially if your kitchen area is small. Depending on which type of stove you had before, the installation cost could also be hefty. Gas stoves require custom piping and the cost the get the piping to where you want your stove could be substantial.

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