5 Signs Its Time to Replace Your Refrigerator

Imagine coming home after a long day of work. You take your jacket off, jump into some pajamas and beeline it to the fridge for that leftover chicken you’ve been craving all day. Unfortunately, it spoiled overnight because your refrigerator wasn’t working properly leaving you in sadness and disarray. Don’t let your fridge ruin your day, make sure you look out for these signs when dealing with fridge problems.


Seeing condensation on your fridge or freezer is a common sign that its time to replace it. All fridges work to maintain a certain temperature, usually between 34-35 degrees Fahrenheit, but it shouldn’t be working overtime or not working hard enough to the point where it’s coming at the cost of your food. If you see condensation in your fridge you shouldn’t panic but should take precautionary measures. It could be something as small as the rubber sealing not working effectively. A neat trick to test this out is take a dollar bill, close the door on it, and pull slowly. If it slips out easily then you may have a problem and will want to fix it at your earliest convenience. Most hardware stores have quick fix kits that cost around $50 but if that doesn’t work you should call an appliance expert to look at it before kicking it to the curb.


Refrigerator Sounds

Is your refrigerator running? If so, you should probably go catch it! As funny as it may sound, if your fridge sounds like a car on the freeway then you should probably have the motor looked at. The motor’s function is to regulate and re-regulate the temperature when the door is opened and closed and if you notice the motor running constantly without the door being opened a lot, you should probably have it checked out by a professional.


Too Hot to Touch

If your refrigerator is “feeling hot, hot, hot” then it could be something serious. At times, there should be some heat being extruded through the back if your ventilation system is working properly but if its too hot to touch or uncommonly warm, you may have an issue with the coils as they should be insulated to stop such events from happening. Under the circumstance that you are facing this problem, calling a professional is the best thing to do to see if you simply need to get your coils swapped or replace the entire unit.


Food Going Bad

A refrigerator has one job. To refrigerate and keep your food cold! If it is not doing this one simple task, then the best course of action is to buy a new one. Yes, it may sting at first but the price of buying a new one could save you a lot of money in the long run as inefficient refrigeration can lead to higher electrical bills because you fridge is using more energy than it should. Some of the signs to look for are farmers market foods going bad faster than normal and bottles of wine taking unnecessarily long to chill.


Refrigerator Wear and Tear

You can’t have the same fridge forever. Most fridges last between 10 to 20 years depending on make and model but could deteriorate faster depending on its usage. Replacing your old hunk of metal can help you cut down on energy bills and save you money in the long run.


G and G Appliance Service

If your fridge dates back over a decade, feels like the heating source of your home, or quite frankly just isn’t getting the job done, contact G&G Appliance Service today at (800) 894-6447 to schedule an appointment. Having done work with dozens of different brands, G&G has a well rounded knowledge that can help you with all your refrigerator and appliance needs!

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