Quick Dryer Tips

You’re in the middle of a big laundry day. You’ve just taken your first load of laundry out of the wash, turned your dryer on to the setting you want, and left it to run. You come back twenty minutes later to get your warm clothes out of the dryer to find that they’re still cold and wet. What do you do? This article will help you fix the most common issues to save laundry day!

Dryer runs but there’s no heat

This may seem like a big deal, but it can often be a simple fix. A dryer that runs but has no heat is usually a sign that the thermal fuse has blown, which can be replaced like any other fuse. First, disconnect the power to the dryer and check the back panel to locate the fuse. Once you have found the broken fuse, bring it with you to the store to ensure you find the correct replacement size. Once you have the replacement fuse, simply screw it into place and get back to dry your clothes!

The dryer is running but won’t spin

This could be a very simple fix. There is a dryer belt inside your dryer that can fail and if it does, your dryer will stop spinning. However, hardware stores often carry these replacements, and if you can get your hands on one, they are about as easy to replace as a broken fuse. Check the alignment of the old belt before you remove it to ensure you get it into place and in the proper orientation. If the belt didn’t need to be replaced, you have a larger problem on your hands and should call the professionals at G&G to take a look. See our dryers services page here!

Suddenly Noisy Dryer

If your dryer is making a lot of noise out of the blue, the first thing to check is the drum support rollers. These help the drum spin evenly, and when they begin to wear, the drum doesn’t spin correctly. If the rollers are wearing, it is best to replace all of them at once, as just replacing one could put pressure on the others and cause them to wear more quickly if they hadn’t already worn out.

G&G Appliances can help!

Still can’t figure out why your dryer won’t work? Reach out to the team at G&G to help you with your appliance repairs! Call us at 1-800-894-6447, or call your closest store today!

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