Dish Washer Hacks!

Like many appliances found within a home, they generally have more than one application if you have some creativity or know how to use google. We ran a quick search on some “Dishwasher Hacks” and found some interesting results that we wanted to share. While these tips are not recommended by manufacturers, some we found as really helpful tips and others just downright ridiculous. See some of the dishwasher hacks we found on the ever-expanding world-wide-web!


Vegetable rinsing

As crazy as it sounds, if you know how to adjust your dishwashers’ settings, it can be used to wash vegetables! This would obviously make the most sense if you were preparing a large meal where a lot of veggies were required. If electing to use the ‘hack’ be sure to put the cycle on rinse only and adjust the temperature to low or medium as to not begin the cooking process. Additionally, you can add a little white vinegar to the detergent slot for a deeper clean. If electing to use vinegar, run some water over the veggies after the fact to eliminate any that may be leftover.

Keeping your Food Warm

Another hack for big meals but your dishwashing machine can double as a heating/ warming oven. Within the settings, choose “Heat/Dry Cycle” that would be used for drying dishes to keep food warm. Be sure water is not running through as this would most certainly ruin any food put inside!

Sanitizing toys

Cleaning the toys of your children as a constant battle and needs to be done on a regular basis. Clean toys minimize the chance of your child coming down with the common cold or flu especially during the winter months. Add toys that are not going to melt or be damaged by water.

Not Recommended

Keyboard Cleaning?

Electronics and water just don’t mix. One article online we found said most keyboards are dishwasher safe! We are skeptical here and G and G appliance services but according to the article, just place the keyboard on the top rack and run a rinse cycle. Remove the keyboard and let dry facedown for a few days before giving it a try. Again, we don’t recommend and while not computer experts, we’d say stick to the compressed air for keyboard cleaning!


Where we put our dishes regularly and shoes just don’t jive with us. While it is a proven method we would elect for putting them in the clothes washer or electing to buy new shoes!

A Cars Hubcaps

One of the crazier suggestions we found on the internet, an article we found stated dishwashers are good for cleaning your car’s hubcaps. Hubcaps gather an array of dirt and grim that dishwashers are not equipped to handle. Out of all the ‘hacks’ in this article, we suggest staying away from this one for sure unless your new dishwasher is in route to being installed later that day!

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